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Be a Content Authority

One important thing that every professional content writer knows, is that the purpose of content is to lead to its source.

The only way to drive traffic to a website, is to make that site a content authority, by publishing the best topics, from it directly. In a world where "dofollow" backlinking is regarded, by major search engines, a mere notch above email spam, content marketing is the single, most powerful way to drive traffic to a website, and there are only a handful of ways to do it effectively.

  • Start by knowing your audience - readers know very well what they want, which makes the job of a content writer very different than that of a marketer. In fact "content marketing" is somewhat an oxymoron, as calls to action are never obvious, but somewhat hinted at, embedded in the message, and designed to lead consumers to their favorite product, instead of pitching it directly to them.
  • Research the best trending topics - There is always something to write about, and it's important to know how to cater to your audience, and provoke a reaction. For instance, when writing about food, particular care must be given to catering to the right group of food enthusiasts, such as vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters. In tech, the same applies when writing articles that cater to Mac or PC users. Identifying factions adds one more weapon to a powerful content marketing strategy.
  • Report a compelling message - the typical life span of a message on social media may vary, from one day, to a few seconds, and writing a compelling body of text, accompanied by a great still image, helps in increasing the volume of visitors, and in keeping a low bounce rate. Typically, a compelling post is the result of all of the above points. It's a well-researched article, within a best-trending category, which caters to the most receptive audience.
  • Share and build a following - Social networks play an important role in inbound content marketing. Selecting the right array of communities takes considerable work, but once that work is done, sharing at least two articles a day will create a steady stream of followers, from multiple targeted sources. The end result is to enhance the chances for converting those readers into customers.